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Your final product will *not* show the model children or pets depicted in our sample images.  We can reproduce any background from our sample images or create a unique one just for you or a loved one.

Custom Digital Art


When you purchase a customized digital image, we will contact you within one business day to get the process started.  We aim to have the final product to you within one week of purchase.


Please note that your final product will *not* show the model children or pets depicted in our sample images.  Rather, the images on this website serve to show you the range and breadth of our work.  Let them serve as inspiration to create a unique image just for you or a loved one.  However, if you like one of the image backgrounds/themes in our Digital Artwork portfolio, we can recreate it with you or your loved one as the main subject. 

The process starts with an open dialogue to hear what you'd like created for you or a loved one.  Michael will need from you **5 high-resolution photos** of the main subject of the image (e.g. yourself, a family member, a friend, your child, your pet).  From there, our creative process begins.

When you approve your final image, we will email you the digital file in .jpg format. The image size ranges from 5MB to 9MB and can scale up to larger sizes, as needed.

Once you receive our email, you can then download these high-resolution images. They are quite frame-worthy!  Additionally, they can be displayed in numerous clever ways, e.g. as the background image on your computer or phone, on a T-shirt or hoodie, on a mug, as a fridge magnet, blown up as a poster or wall decal for a child's bedroom, or showcased on a birthday banner.

Black&White collection
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