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Custom Digital Art




Scroll below for more examples of our work. 

With his digital artwork, Michael creates complex, custom-rendered, and highly imaginative scenes. 

Help a loved one imagine themselves in a myriad of comical or poignant situations.  Your father as a warrior in a far away galaxy.  Your brother as a quarterback of his favorite NFL team.  Your spouse flying a private jet. Your aunt dancing in a ballet.  Your sister as a Supreme Court Justice. Your mother at a rock concert.  The possibilities and opportunities to delight someone are endless.  

In particular, Michael is adept at capturing the inner world and flights of fancy typical of children of all ages. Working closely with the family, Michael generates digital artwork that reflect the particular child (or children) he works with. Michael's background in education provides him a particular visual lens that enhances the whimsical nature of his custom images. 

Each image is customized to your liking and needs. However, if you like one of the image backgrounds/themes in the samples below, your loved one can easily replace the current subject in the image. 


Contact us to get started.  A customized listing will be created for you through our Shop

The process starts with an open dialogue to hear what you'd like created for you or a loved one.  Michael will need 5 high-resolution photos of the main subject of the image (e.g. yourself, a family member, a friend, your child, your pet).  From there, the process begins.  When you approve your final image, you will receive the digital file in .jpg format. The image print out in high resolution with files ranging from 5MB to 9MB, but can scale up to larger sizes, as needed. 


The printed images are certainly frame-worthy.  Additionally, get creative and clever with displaying them!  Upload the image as your computer or smart device's background.  Print it on on a T-shirt or hoodie (e.g. for family reunions or themed corporate events).  Create a whimsical holiday card.  Make personalized stationary.  Print it on a mug.  Make it into a fridge magnet.  Create a poster sized print for your child's bedroom.  Use it as home office decor.  Or make it a theme in your birthday decoration.  Again, the possibilities are endless and only limited by our imagination!

digital artwork gallery

To customize one of the image backgrounds above or to collaborate on an original image, please Contact us or place an order through our Shop.

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