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Michael Topel has self-published two books and will soon publish his third. 


"The Culinary Adventures of Hazel Nutley" was born out of Michael's experience as Lead Teacher at a daycare center in Colorado.  There, a squirrel he named Hazel Nutley often showed up on the school grounds.  Soon, she became a favorite fixture of his educational outings with the children.  He told and imagined stories about Hazel, took pictures of her to amuse the children - and soon this developed into his first book. 

In 2021, Michael's beloved boxer, Wembley, passed away after 10 years of faithful companionship.  Michael created "The Tail of a Lucid Dream" as a way to honor Wembley and to help in his grieving process.  Michael's second book featured his digital artwork, which Michael felt was a way to showcase the various images while providing a story to further capture a child's imagination.  Educationally, it can be used to help children who are struggling with the loss of a pet or loved one. It can generate a discussion about how to deal with one's grief and how we can use our imaginations to retain the memory of those we've lost.  In this book, Michael imagines the dreams his beloved Wembley would have while he slept.  In doing so, he keeps Wembley very much alive and present. He hopes it can provide amusement to your child and, where needed, some help to better process a major loss.

Michael's future projects will similarly blend his writing with his graphic design skills. Spoiler alert: Michael is currently working on the sequel to "The Culinary Adventures of Hazel Nutley".

To purchase one of the books below, go to our Shop.

Lucid Dream Cover-Cropped.jpg
Hazel Nutley-Cover-Border.jpg

Coming soon ... the sequel.

Pecan McCluster and the Great Pumpkin Heist book cover
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