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Digital Artist

Michael Topel is the Founder of Michael Topel Imaging LLC in Denver, Colorado.

Michael is a digital artist who specializes in creating computer generated, uniquely conceived digital materials for businesses and individuals.  Visit his portfolio in the menu above to see samples of his work spanning a range of products, including logo designs, uniform concepts, digital artwork, and children's books.  

Michael Topel-Professional Photo.jpg


Michael graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Following graduation, he focused on writing scripts for television and articles for online publication. Though this was rewarding, Michael soon turned to work he'd always imagined he would do one day.  Having worked diligently to overcome his own visual learning disabilities, he felt he had something unique to offer.  He was trained to employ Applied Behavioral Analysis in the public school system where he worked for a few years in their special needs programs.


Michael continued to challenge himself in the visual arts, initially by creating mockups of football uniforms.  Michael has always been an avid sports fan and since a young child, he noticed the way in which team uniforms depicted a team's identity as a brand.


In 2011, Michael became determined to expand his creative skills from writing into the visual arts realm.  Michael sought to learn how to digitize his uniform concepts by pursuing classes in graphic design.  He knew this would be a challenge, but he knew the rewards would be even greater.  He enrolled at New York University and took various classes in leading graphic design programs such as Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign.  His efforts earned him a Certification in Graphic Design Programming.  Michael took these skills and expanded them in new and creative ways. 

He soon started Michael Topel Imaging LLC, a freelance business that led him to work with sports-related companies to develop their logos, marketing materials, and customized digital images.


In 2014,  All Pro Sports & Entertainment took notice of Michael’s work and offered him a position as a designer in their Denver office.  After completing various projects for All-Pro Sports & Entertainment, Michael was hired to help re-brand Above The Rim Management. In addition to his work with these sports agencies, Michael continued to pursue freelance opportunities with a variety of companies, including US Metro Group, American Global Facility Services, OneTeam Capital, Essential Health Collection, Heffernan Insurance Brokers - Southern California, and Rock Hardwear.

Still drawn to work creatively with children, Michael began working at a child care center in Denver. As a Lead Teacher, he found unique ways to pursue his digital artwork.  The families of the school supported Michael's vision and this led to a series of whimsical custom images that captured the imagination of the children and parents alike.

In the course of his work at the daycare center, Michael stumbled upon some local celebrities that became a mainstay of his educational outings with the children.  Always on the lookout for a creative angle, Michael began telling the story of "Hazel Nutley" and "Pecan McCluster", squirrels who returned daily to the school grounds. This developed into his first book, titled “The Culinary Adventures of Hazel Nutley” and the (soon to be) sequel “Pecan McCluster and the Great Pumpkin Heist".


Michael continues to create unique digital images for the families and the children he’s come to know over the years.  For example, he wrote and illustrated "The Tail of a Lucid Dream".  This children's book features (and is dedicated to) his beloved pet, Wembley, who had been his faithful companion for the previous 10 years.  It imagines the dream life of our pets and is sure to entertain you and your children.

Michael continues to add new digital artwork to his portfolio.  His latest project brings abstract digital artwork to life in Giclee prints to decorate your home, office or business.

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